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Death Keepers are born by the fusion of the experience and talent of an array of musicians which met in Barcelona, who were driven into gathering the best of the Heavy Metal of yesterday and today. The Keepers stick to the all-time Heavy Metal style: That quintessential sound and energy that so many fans fell in love with back in the 80s meets the technological developments of our era, thus, bringing to life a sound, a show, an experience of Epic Proportions.

This being said, the Death Keepers soar through their own motivations, where you can find modern and classic influences. A straightforward style, with full-throttle riffs, melodies that flow among thundering double-bass drum sequences, virtuosity which flows for the benefit of the songs, mind-blowing guitar solos and moving power-delivering vocal lines; all this combined with a non-stopping output show. Like this, the Death Keepers break through the Spanish and International music scene: Heads-up and swords just sharpened.

A fresh and fulfilling Heavy Metal initiative by which everybody will be moved, reinforced, and pushed into the next wave of Heavy Metal Evolution.


J.Antonio Maties


Antonio Maties is a veteran guitarist with roots from the New World, having napalmed the speakers in bands such as Mugdom or Eterea, wherein he’s forged his intensely emotional and speedy style as well as in Dallas, Tx (USA), place where he comes in contact with the world of the blues and jazz and in the end rocked the south among Fictional Freedom.


2011 was the year for him to leave the Americas and head to Barcelona in the seek of the power of Heavy Metal, where he meets Eddy and Noel, and by this the base of Death Keepers is born.

Antonio uses his sparkling technique which, by being combined with the heart and soulfulness, delivers the melodical phrases to the Death Keepers works. Not in vain he’s been greatly inspired by the masterpieces materialized by heroes-of-the-guitar such as Jason, Yngwie, Paul, Vinnie, Steve, Impellitteri and bands like Cacophony, Metallica or Whitesnake; although never forgetting the epic album “Abbey Road” by the Beatles.

Dey Rus

The city of Tarragona witnessed his birth, Dey Rus (David Rus) became a singer out of destiny or coincidence, it’s your call, since he had been playing guitar since he was 14 years old. When he turned 18, he decided to give a friends’ band a hand and takes up singing so as to help them and on that very 1st rehearsal they offered him the job.

Some weeks later this band dissolves although some of its members create a new band, From Hell, with which they record a demo-bootleg and let their diverse metal influences to flow into their work, sounds like Saratoga’s or Machine Head’s. By these means they have some gigs in the Province of Tarragona.

After one year and a half, From Hell splits up, leading to a musical standby of 5 years.

In 2013, the once member and co-founder of Death Keepers, Noel Corredor, gets in touch with Rus and invites him to try out singing in the band as well as joining the family. Fate can explain the rest. 
His main influences are Sebastian Bach, Michael Matijevic, David Coverdale, Johnny Gioeli, Dio and Leo Jiménez just to name a few.

Eddy Gary

Eddy Gary da Silva (Edgar López da Silva) sees the world for the first time on the first day of year 1995 in the city of Sabadell, Barcelona. By the musicality within his family he’s sent to the Conservatory of Music of Sabadell, where he dives deeply into Classical Guitar studies, nurturing his mind with notes. By the age of 10 he gets his first electric guitar and begins Jazz and Blues training. (Edgar López da Silva)

By the age of 18 he graduates with Honors at the Conservatory and continues his studies in the Bachelor’s Degree of both Classical and Modern guitar.

Eddy’s influences go from the baroque era with masters such as Bach or Vivaldi to guitarist such as Randy Rhoads, Gary Moore, Adrian Smith, Ritchie Blackmore, Yngwie Malmsteen or Steve Vai.

Miki X Hunter

Miquel Garcésborn in Barcelona, begins his drummer adventures at age 16, and ever since he’s kept himself in the music scene by playing with different bands with a wide array of genres, from Metal to Punk, from Funk to Rock; as well as playing soundtracks for diverse theatre shows and films.

Having many concerts and studio recording sessions in his career experience alongside bands like Döria or Katarsick, to name a few, he’s contacted by Death Keepers to play some important shows. Finally, he joins the family and becomes an official member of the band.

He’s mainly influenced by the drummers that he admires, great people like Virgil Donati, Steve Smith, Jojo Mayer, Buddy Rich, Chris Coleman, Thomas Lang and many others.

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